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Application Development & Programming

PHP/MySQL Web Applications

With over 15 years of PHP/MySQL programming experience, we possess the knowledge to turn your web-based project from an idea in your head, to a fully functioning web application based on your requirements. All our web applications are created using the latest technologies and features where necessary, but with solid underlying technology that will give your web application a very long lifetime without the need of constant updates.

iPhone/iPad (iOS) Applications

We started dabbling with iOS applications in the iPhone 1 days as a fun side project, and have since created and published many high quality apps to the Apple App Store. Staying on top of the latest and greatest iOS technologies is fun (for us) and exciting! We've been known to add extra features for free just because we thought it would make the app more awesome :)


Extensive experience with Python/Django based projects and in depth-knowledge of the langauge.

C/C++ or Java Applications

Our foundations in programming developed in the 90's using C/C++, and went through the Java phase as well... while we don't do much development in these languages very often anymore, the knowledge is still there, waiting to be tapped and/or exploited for your needs! Whatever you need, we can most likely make it happen!

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Quoted by Project

Small projects are typically quoted by the hour, larger projects are typically quoted by project