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System / Network Design

Need help speccing out the requirements for a custom server or application, or figuring out what network devices are needed to connect all your systems and devices? We can help! We have strong foundations in system administration and networking, including routers, firewalls, vpn's and whatever else you might have under the hood. Even older, legacy technologies are no problem!

Small Office Deployments

Sure, we setup our own office, but we've also assisted countless other businesses to set up their offices as well. We'll work with you to figure out your needs and offer our expertise based on years of experience, whether you're starting from scratch, expanding an existing office, or moving between locations, we can help!

NAS / Disaster Recovery

Most NAS devices run a version of embedded Linux these days, this gives us a unique advantage in assisting with data recovery from crashed harddrives or NAS devices. We have years of Linux experience and can put that knowledge to good use in the data recovery process of NAS devices or crashed computers. If your data is there, we'll get it.

General Computer Stuff

While we try not to advertise this too much, we're kinda geeky and have spent a lot of time answering the "family & friends" tech support line. If you have a question, we probably have an answer. If you have a problem, we probably have a solution. Feel free to give us a call and we'll see what we can do to help you.

To get a free quote, simply Contact Us, (why?)

Quoted by Project

Small projects are typically quoted by the hour, larger projects are typically quoted by project