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Science Fair In A Box (SFIAB)

Science Fair in a Box (SFIAB) is Science Fair Software that provides anyone running a science fair with a complete and comprehensive package that can be used to assist in the implementation and running of the fair. SFIAB provides a web based application to facilitate all areas of running a science fair such as online registration for the participants, judges, volunteers, sponsor management, automatic judge team creation and scheduling, awards management and much, much more.

SFIAB is implemented using open-source tools wherever possible, creating a truly open and customizable product that fairs can modify to suit their needs. However, SFIAB contain enough configuration options to allow fairs to use the system without any modifications to the underlying codebase. SFIAB is developed using PHP, with MySQL as the backend database. Other database backends could be supported in the future. All reports are created in print-ready PDF format to ensure cross-platform compatibility where applicable and also available to export as a CSV to external applications.

All text in SFIAB is internationalized to allow the use of the system in any language. 'Language Packs' will be available in other language once translations are complete. (If you'd like to assist in translation, contact us!)

SFIAB is the most advanced, most comprehensive Science Fair Software in the world, and is used by many science fairs spread across many different countries!

For more details, check out the SFIAB Project Website.